Saving energy and money,
with advanced materials,
for cooling electronics.

Definition: HYMET (hi·mhet)  
• Name of a business - HYMET Thermal Interfaces SIA
• Description of material, "hy" derived from "hybrid" and "met" from "metal".
• A fundamentally new type of thermal interface material, which:

• combines the best aspects of greases, tapes, gap fillers and foams
• is highly anisotropic in heat transfer
• can compress up to 70% in plastic deformation
• can be manufactured to any thickness, cut to any shape
• is engineered to eliminate voids and air pockets on application
• is made of materials which can be customized for the application
• contains no graphene or CNT and is immediately cost effective
• has no analogue on the market

HYMET ushers in a new era of thermal interface material for computing, telecommunication, electric vehicle and many other industries, with advantages throughout the value chain.

Superior in price, performance and practicality, HYMET thermal interfaces have no analogue and provide dramatic improvements to a foundational technology in the electronics industry - thermal management.

Are you ready for the revolution?

In winter 2020/2021 we are providing early access for OEMs in computing, telecommunication, consumer durables and electric vehicle verticals to test HYMET material. Contact us now to request samples!

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